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PVOnline students who do not take a course(s) on a district campus are responsible for recording time spent each day on the PVOnline Attendance Form. This form is accessed through the student portal of Infinite Campus. There is a link in every course to this form as well as instructions on how to complete the form. Students are required to log time spent on any activity related to the course, either on or offline.

Arizona Law requires that students taking online courses away from their school site keep a daily log for their time spent on academic tasks related to their online learning. Our district uses the log-in hours to report attendance to the state of Arizona for our off-campus students. The law specifies the amount of log time that is required for students. The Arizona Department of Education has determined that it should take at least 112.5 hours to complete an online semester course for students in high school. Middle School students will be required to complete at least 133.5 hours per online semester course. Kindergarten students will be required to complete at least 346 hours, students in grades 1 - 3 will complete at least 178 hours per subject, and students in grades 4 - 6 will complete at least 223 hours per subject. If students do not log the appropriate amount of time, credit will not be granted for the course.

Record time for any activity related to your course, whether it is on the computer or not. This includes studying, reading, homework, projects, research, writing, and tests. Students are expected to record a minimum of 6 hours (360 minutes) a week, preferably at least one hour (60 minutes) per day, for each course you are taking.