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About Our School

PVOnline is an approved Arizona Online Instruction provider by the Arizona State Board of Education. As an extension of the school district, PVOnline is fully accredited and committed to providing top-notch education. 

The Highly Qualified teachers are certified experts in their respective fields, dedicated to helping students thrive. Enrolled students will enjoy a self-paced virtual learning experience and will have access to the curriculum 24/7. While they work independently, a teacher-supported learning environment is also available, providing access to PVSchools teachers. 

PVOnline offers a range of excellent benefits to all students. The courses are fully accredited and administered by one of Arizona's most respected school districts. The school integrates 21st-century skills and prioritizes Arizona Technology Standards to ensure all students are best prepared for the future. Additionally, students have the flexibility to create a schedule that suits their unique needs, allowing all to submit work consistently each week. Students will be able to prepare in a real-world environment for post-secondary education and receive one-on-one support from instructors. For students with special needs, PVOnline offers IEP/504 support and services for gifted students. 

Unique Courses Offered Through PVOnline

  • AP® Music Theory
  • AP® Computer Science Principles
  • Career Development
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Personal Finance
  • The Rise of Electronic Music
  • Survey of Popular Music
  • Music Technology