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Changes to PVOnline for the 2023-2024 School Year

PVOnline has combined some of the best features of what used to be PVConnect and has incorporated them into PVOnline. As an online virtual K-12 platform, PVUSD realizes the need for flexible learning, but with support to ensure that students learn the needed standards, are prepared for state testing, and are successful via the online platform. The expectations of online learning for each grade level are outlined below.

Please expand each grade level section for further information.

Grade Information

Registration Information

If your student is currently enrolled in PVOnline and you want to continue their enrollment for the fall of 2023 in PVOnline, please email Liz at Please put in your email:

  • Your student's name
  • Your name 
  • Indicate that you want your student to continue in PVOnline for 2023

If you want to enroll your student in PVOnline for the fall of 2023, please call the PVOnline Office at (602) 449-2450 to register.